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Eugenio Bennato (Naples, 1948) is a musician, a performer and a songwriter for cinema and theater. In 1969, he founded with Carlo D’Angiò the Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, the first and most important ethnic group in Southern Italy, which soon became a model for the young rock musicians of the’ 70.

In 1976, Eugenio left the NCCP and moved on composing new songs in the Musicanova project besides Carlo Django, Tony Esposito, Gigi De Renzo, Bob Fix and a young Teresa De Silo discovered by Eugenio himself.

Eugenio Benanti in his career released many successful albums including “Briante se more” (1979), featuring the famous ballad with the same name, still popular today among the young audience which proclaimed it a true hymn of the South.

At the same time, he had an intense activity as soundtrack composers for cinema, theater and ballet.

In 1998, he founded the “Taranta Power” movement, which started with a show at the legendary social center “Leoncavallo” in Milan, where Eugenio was accompanied by all the other great artists of the movement. The event renewed interest for the traditional rhythms in the young audience and proposed new ways of creativity marking a fracture with the old way of understanding popular music in Italy.

In 2002 Eugenio released “Che il Mediterraneo sia” through which he tried to bring new international sounds in Italy. This song became the theme for two popular tv shows in Italy “Shukran” and “Linea Blu”.

In 2006, he realized “Napoli Mediterranea” by Piedra Mont Corvino, which have been chosen as the theme song for the film “Passione” directed by Joe Turturro and successfully released in America and Italy.

In 2008, he took part at the Sanremo Festival with his song “Grande Sud”.

In 2011 Eugenio released “Questione meridionale”, through which he has resumed his favorite subject about the normal and anonymous people who became famous for their stories, as the bandit Ninco Nanco.

In 2017 Eugenio is involved in numerous concerts throughout Italy, including in February, the show “Canzoni di Contrabbando”, sold out at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.






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