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Kelly Joyce


Diversified talented artist, splendid singer, dancer and composer, Kelly Joyce has studied in London violin for 8 years, piano for 5 years, dance at the Royal Academy for 12 years. She breathes music since she was a child. Her father is a skilful composer as well as her mother – Mrs. Emanuelle Vidal Simoes De Fonseca – who is not only the founder of the Chocolats band but also their member singer.

From the first album “Kelly Joyce” (2001), through “Chocolat” (2004), to “Jazz Mon Amour Pour l’Afrique” (2012), there is an immediate perception of a multifaceted artist with great ability and balance, ranging from pop to Caribbean rhythms, from Jazz to Bossanova, mixing electronic lounge and dance atmospheres, traveling inside the English New Wave and going towards Hip-Hop.
This extraordinary versatility is also the reason for many collaborations: alongside Massimo Moriconi e Roberto Ciotti for two ensemble jazz show, inside famous “Festival dei Due Mondi” in Spoleto;  with Dj Fish (from famous Sottotono hip hop band) and Esa (famous rapper) for the single “Cos’è che vuoi da me”; then again with Dj Fish for the featuring in “Mi porti su” – terrific radio hit; with Javier Girotto (sax) and Fabrizio Bosso (trumpet) recording the album “Jazz Mon Amour Pour l’Afrique”; with one of the most known Ukrainian boy-band, The Four Kings, with whom she sang the cover of “Delicate”, a fabulous Terence Trend D’Arby’s song.

Many are the singles of great success on her career, including the already mentioned ones, the unavoidable “Vivre La Vie“, huge international success, but also “Avec L’Amour“, “Cherchez la Femme“, “Little Kaigé” and “Rendez-vouz“, the latter chosen for a Wind commercial.

Significant in her career the presence of the well-known producer Rolando D’Angeli, former producer of Nek, Giorgia, Tozzi and many others, who, in addition to taking care of Kelly’s recording work through the glorious Don’t Worry label, takes care of her live business through the

famous agency Music Show International.

Live activity has always been a mainstay in Kelly Joyce‘s work, she is always on tour, anywhere in the world, from the beginning of her career, after all, you can well understand if you watch her live show, she fascinates and captures, she is the owner of the scene, musician, singer and dancer, dragging the audience into a world full of musical nuances and big emotions.