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The name “Banda della Posta” is an idea of Vinicio Capossela, because these music players were used to sit on the steps of Postal Offices in small villages, playing songs that involved all the people living around during the warm summer nights.

“In the summer of 2003, I was in Calitri with my family; it was my father’s birthday and we looked around if we could find any musician to have a small party. We were told that there still was a small band that had played and still play during weddings, even my father’s one…. And we found them: Rocco Briuolo with the mandolin, Peppe Matalena and his violin, Tottacreta Suonatore with the accordion and Parrucca with the guitar. Their sound raise the dust from the ground, is the start of Quatriglia, is the feeling of the showdown like in any border film; but they can even play themes such as “Zorba the greek”, and then the funeral march or the first dance in a wedding”. (Vinicio)

The partnership with  Vinicio started while recording “Ovunque Proteggi” in 2006,  becoming tighter when the two sons of Rocco Briuolo joined the group, and later “I Condor” with Giovanni Buldo, Crescenzo Martiniello, Antonio Daniele and Nino Tavarone. This was the new “Banda Della Posta” that played togheter with Vinicio Capossela in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in more than 70 concerts such as “Concerto del 1° Maggio” in Rome and “Womad Charlton Park Festival” in London in 2014. The repertoire of the group consists in  several hundreds dance songs such as Polke, tarantella, quadrilles, waltzes, mazurkas, tangos, paso doble, foxtrot, etc., all strictly dating back to the period starting from the  20s until the 60s: in addition, they play the Neapolitan classical repertoire and the great international success of pop music and (especially Mexican). Retro style, embellished by the virtuosity of the musicians and flavours from mediterranean arabesques, always struck a great beauty and energy in Public.

The melody of Martina Ciccone joined the band in 2016; with 9 musicians and with the great support of Rosario Maffucci, the “Banda Della Posta” is ready today to excite with their music any square, theater or wedding.


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Nationality: Italiana

Resident in: Italia