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Loretta e Daniela Goggi

Loretta e Daniela Goggi



Illustrating the long career and popularity of Loretta and Daniela Goggi is almost impossible. Especially regarding Loretta, she’s a cornerstone of television, theater and Italian music. A career lasting for more than fifty years, started only when she was just eight years old as the star of television dramas. Over the years, Loretta has proven to be something special in Italian showbiz: actress, showgirl, singer, imitator. And lately she’s part of the successfull italian program “Tale e Quale Show”.

In December 2015, together with her sister Daniela, in a duo called “Hermanas Goggi” they have released a remix of their most famous songs : “Tomorrow”, “Half Star”, “The Night”, “OBA-LUU-BA-BA”, “I am born” but especially their hit single “Estoy Bailando”.

The album contains also some Bonus tracks of Loretta Goggi herself as “Maledetta Primavera” and  “L’Aria del Sabato Sera” in their original versions.



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